From me to you…


I was born in Colombia and came to France for my studies more than 20 years ago!

I studied art history at the Sorbonne during my first years of study. Then during my first year of interior design (about 18 years ago), I had my first classes in drawing, still life, color and material.

Between 2011 and 2018, I created textile collections for  home decoration, inspired by my Caribbean origins (northern Colombia). The production was made artisanally in Colombia.

During the confinement, I began to paint. In this momentum between late 2019 and 2021, I created the series “Secret Gardens”. About thirty works dedicated to small outdoor gardens. The micro-worlds that lurk in them with wild flowers and mysterious trees and forests…These subjects explore various human emotions and processes like: Self liberation, feeling safe through a landscape, loneliness and the beauty of naivety. Subjects on the human quest for millennia.

I am a disciple of harmony in disorder, of the more in the less, of the loaded in the simple, of the lightness in the superposition of layers of paint and ink, crushed by rollers of various sizes and textures. Through this technique, I try to make almost a lithography of my paintings. I avoid at all costs any form of relief in my work, because for me the importance is to succeed in making the volume appear through the play of colors and not through the material.

My bias is to express through simple, naive and dreamlike works a kind of power that manifests itself through color and architectural elements. My background in the creation of fabrics also appears in some of my works through the search for textures that are similar to your weaving and textile patterns.

Travel and cultures opposite my Latin American roots have always fascinated and inspired me, Japan, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean coast so different from the Caribbean coast.

Nature is inseparable from art. It is always present through simple and effective patterns to tell a real story, like in Japanese children’s books.

A color: Blue. The color par excellence. Majestic. Mystical. Soft and solid at the same time. Blue gives the starting point in all my work. From the subject and this color, I compose the rest, the other colors in complement. The blue ink by its fluidity whispers to me forms, speaks to me of a dream, invites the other colors.

I look for the salvation of the glance, the light, the shade and the harmony between the two. As Hopper and Reynolds became masters each in their time.

Through my approach, I hope that people can experience something intangible, deep within their being when they see my work.

From now on, I dedicate all my time to painting, I imagine a theme, a subject that can be minor and carry it to the end, growing it, demystifying it, giving it color and form.

Welcome to my Art world!

Claudia D