Use your brain ( Project)©

Using our brain (the most powerful machine that exists...) to relieve psychological suffering, burn-out, depression... through techniques such as focusing attention, meditation, cooperation, which allow us to be in the present moment, to silence mental noise, to focus. Becoming aware of the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world in which we live. Methods that have proven their worth since antiquity and that today have been dusted off by the most prestigious medical universities, neuro-sciences departments and technology centers such as Silicon Valley. My project through art (painting, videos, conferences) is to explain my personal path because we have our own experience and those we can collect, supported by medical research by the most brilliant professionals in neuroscience, ancient and modern philosophy, as well as millennir practices such as Buddhism, among others. Through my work and as it is already the case on a simple digital means such as Instagram, I have seen the effect that my works produce in strangers around the world. It's a long way to go until we, the mass population; in companies; at home but also at school become aware of it. I want to make a small contribution to this project by growing it through the exhibition of my works, opening the possibility to speak through small conferences where I rely on the research and work of specialists in the field. Such as speakers like Dr. Mario Alonso Puig (Spain), Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, Dr. Hans Sely (and his discovery on stress), Dr. David Perkins... The study of the Greek Stoic school, Marcus Aurelius, Socrates, A. Camus, R. Ortega y Gasset. Introduction to the method of Lao-tzu and Siddhartha Gautama (Buda), etc...

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Composition 5. White. Use your brain.Print on dibond board. 2023