Will you dare?

Panoramic upon the painting "The lost tree"

Will you dare?

We see more and more of these amazing and oversized wallcoverings in home decoration magazines and they make us dream! And why not at home? 

For many people it requires a deep reflection and answers to questions like: “What if I get bored?, “What if it ruins the rest of our decoration? “, “do we have room for a large decoration”, “I like the color but I’m afraid”, etc etc etc….

The fact is that a nice decoration that covers one of your walls will not ruin your design and if it is chosen with care and taking into account the rest, the harmony with the existing furniture and with your spirit, it will be a great success. 

It is also necessary that this decoration inspires you something, that it appeals to your senses, to a nice memory, to the desire to feel elsewhere for a few seconds while you look at it, that is the key.

You alone or with your architect or decorator will be able to find the perfect decor for one or more walls in your home. You don’t have to cover entire walls if you don’t want to… Sold by the width or as a whole, you can cover a part of a wall and highlight a particular space. 

Claudia D.